We have missed you! Our hope is that you have stayed well in body and spirit during the month of April. As we all adjust to the new normal, our plan is to reopen for limited appointments during the month of May; details of the specifics are below. We are very excited to be moving into our permanent space within a few weeks, so stay tuned for those details as well.

The clinic will start out with 3 therapists and work back up to our full staff of 6; we have maintained our more stringent cleaning protocols and will continue to check your temperature and O2 saturation at the front desk prior to appointments. In an effort to continue to flatten the curve and keep our community safe, we will also be putting the following procedures into place:

  • In order to minimize cross traffic in the waiting room, we have removed all but 2 of the chairs and hope to limit congregating there; we ask that non-patients stay in the vehicle as the waiting room is effectively closed.
  • Upon arrival to the clinic, patients may either phone the front desk or make eye contact through the window. Staff will either wave you in or ask that you wait in your car. If there is paperwork to be completed, we will bring it to you on a clipboard.
  • All staff and patients will be required to wear masks; if patients arrive without a mask, we will have a selection of freshly laundered fabric masks for use during your appointment.
  • For the continued health and safety of our patients and staff, we ask that you inform us by phone and reschedule your appointment in any of the following situations: if you have been exposed to someone who has become ill, if you have traveled using mass transportation within the last 14 days, or if you have taken part in gatherings of more than 10 people.

Check our our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/majerusptvancouver) and Instagram (@majeruspt) for updates;  you will also find our video series about both the progress of the new clinic and staying fit and healthy at home. Don’t hesitate to hit us up for special requests;  we are looking forward to seeing you in person very soon!