Today, together with our staff, we arrived at the difficult decision to temporarily close the clinic. We continued to evaluate information on multiple levels as it became available and adjusted our protocols accordingly. The past several weeks have been incredibly challenging for many; we are immensely proud of the dedication of our work family and extremely grateful for the unwavering support of the wider community.

This week, it became very difficult to staff and otherwise plan accordingly, as the Portland/Vancouver metro area rightly complied with each state’s respective stay home orders. We saw an increasingly steep reduction in patient load that fluctuated hourly. When deciding how best to continue to contribute to flattening the curve, we ultimately decided that pressing the pause button at this point in time would be the most prudent choice.

Please rest assured that none of our staff nor patients have tested positive for coronavirus and our hearts go out to those directly affected by the outbreak.  We all want to convey a deep appreciation for our fellow healthcare providers and essential workers who are at the forefront of this dire situation.

Not wanting to leave any established patients without necessary care, we will assist interfacing with your therapist to discuss home exercise programs, new symptoms, and other concerns during this hiatus.  We are evaluating which telehealth platforms are feasible;  if you are interested in accessing that option, please let us know.

In the event that referrals are placed for new patients with urgent needs, we will either recommend alternate clinics or make arrangements for limited in-person evaluations as necessary. Our desire is to continue to support you in your rehabilitation and pain management goals; please keep us in the loop about how you are doing.  We plan to check the office voicemail daily and will also monitor our clinic general email:

Take care of one another and we look forward to reconnecting with you in a few weeks; all our best to you and yours,

John, Jodie, Karla, Dave, Jen, Mai, Melanie, Cara, Megan, Tess, and Sam