Meet Tara Socquet, our valued therapist with the most seniority on the team.  She is a local Camas-ite and is dedicated to her kiddos who will someday be Papermakers too.  She is intrigued by the development of the Lacrosse craze in Clark County and we would put bets on the fact that she will be involved somehow.  Her Hood-to-Coast peeps know they can depend on her to make the run satisfying as well as packed with laughs.  Her dry sense of humor has kept us on our toes at the clinic for almost 10 years.

Her approach to PT is to apply an advanced knowledge and curiosity about biomechanics to recognize impaired movement patterns;  the next piece of the puzzle is figuring out how those patterns contribute to a patient’s current area of pain.  From her experience, she has gleaned that oftentimes, “overuse” injuries occur due to postures and habitual movements that have developed over long periods of time.  By recognizing specifically how an individual’s movements are impaired, she hopes to take pressure off painful areas and encourage free motion in more normal patterns in the rest of the body.  Tara continues to be intrigued by the complex interconnections between injuries and adjacent body parts, overuse injuries, postural syndromes and their contributions to cervical, shoulder, and thoracic pathology; and the relationship between lumbar/hip/knee/foot function and associated injuries.

We feel fortunate to have had Tara on staff for nearly the entire time we have been in business at Majerus & Co.!