Structural Integration (SI) is a whole body approach to help restore and optimize alignment in order to promote increased balance, function, flexibility, and vitality in one’s body. It focuses on manipulating the fascial system of the body. Fascia, or connective tissue, is the protective layer of the muscles. It gives muscles their shape, and in turn, the body its structure, which is interpreted through posture and movement. Fascia, like the muscle within and the skeletal system to which it is attached, can become shortened by strain – be it trauma, injury, or habit – and this results in aberrant postures or movement patterns. The KMI Approach to SI follows specific meridians in the body; the contact is deep, direct, and aims to change relationships between the segments of the body and restore alignment, vitality, and ultimately, well being.


More About the Sessions:

  • KMI Structural Integration comprises a series of 12 sessions, lasting 90 minutes each
  • Minimal clothing is worn during the sessions (preferably a 2-piece swimsuit for women, gym shorts for men)
  • Much of the sessions are composed of “hands on” work by the practitioner, but there is also time to stand, move, and be reassessed throughout the hour and a half.
  • Each session builds on the previous one, with the first few focusing on superficial tissues, then onto the “core” of the body, and the final sessions on integrating the two, superficial and deep, to create a better, freer, more normal posture and movement.

In general, a body that is aligned and balanced in gravity moves with more ease, efficiency, and grace. Many patients report greater flexibility, better breathing, improved posture, easier sleep, more independent movement patterns, and often relief from chronic pain.