What to expect:

During your initial visit you can expect a full evaluation, including questions about your health history. You and your therapist will then set up a treatment plan based on your physician’s orders, your goals during treatment, and your physical limitations. Please allow a full hour for the initial visit. Follow-up visits will range 45 minutes to 60 minutes depending on your type of treatment.

Insurance Verification:

  • Check here for a list of insurance companies with whom we are contracted–> Insurance List
  • Not insured? We offer discounted self-pay rates. Call our front office for details.

New Patient Forms:

To ensure appropriate treatment time with your physical therapist, we make every effort to make the check-in process as efficient as possible. To do this, we ask that you please fill out the new patient paperwork before your appointment so that you can bring it with you, completed.

Please fill out the 1) Patient Consent Form, 2) Health History, and  3) Functional Outcome that pertains to your primary diagnosis:

**If you have Medicare Part B or a Medicare Managed Plan (MedAvantage), the following form is also required:

Other Helpful Forms: