On May 14, 2011, Jodie Paschall-Majerus, PT will hear the buzzing sound that would be hard for any woman to face. Volunteering to be a “shavee” for the St. Baldrick’s foundation, Jodie will have her head shaved bald in return for donations from friends, family, and community members to support childhood cancer research. Jodie is hoping to raise $5,000 to go towards finding cures for childhood cancers and helping survivors live “…long and healthy lives”.

According the the St. Baldrick’s website, “Cancer is the number one disease killer among children in the U.S. and Canada,” stemming from the 160,000 diagnoses of cancer worldwide each year.

Although there are many reason’s to want to support this amazing foundation, Jodie’s biggest motive is to be able to connect with some of her patients at the clinic, many of which who have lost their hair from the processes of chemotherapy.

Please consider helping Jodie out with her donation goal: