Last Friday, Majerus & Co. held it’s first ACL prevention screening for a team of young female soccer players. The ACL screening was directed by three of our PT’s – John Majerus, Tara Socquet, and Robby Trimbo. The girls all play on the same team coached by Robby, and made for a great test run to figure out the organization of the screening process.

ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) prevention can play a huge role in a young athlete’s future in sports, especially for females. Research has shown that women have a higher risk of tearing their ACL (which is the main ligament supporting the knee), more prominently in activities such as soccer and basketball. The ACL screening process can help reduce the risk of injury by having athletes perform special types of exercises which focus on muscle strength, movement technique, balance, and body/joint awareness.

Majerus & Co. will continue to refine the program which will allow them to continue the ACL screening process amongst many athletes and teams in the community.